the svatina fund

giving a voice to the voiceless.

a portion of every sale at goes towards the svatina fund, which dedicates resources to helping fight human trafficking and human exploitation.

raise awareness.

it's ok to enjoy a $6 latte. but it's also important to understand how privileged we all are, and that every minute, someone is being unfairly exploited without help. we need to keep that conversation open.

inspire action.

sure, we all want to help. but it's not always practical for everyone. the svatina fund is a place where you can easily contribute, just by buying our products or contributing to our fundraisers. if you want to do more, we'll also share our direct partners to whom you can give even more.

create change.

we are a for-profit business trying to be an example that every company needs to go beyond revenue and profits. we all need to give back. if companies, at scale, can put capitalism to more of a balanced use, then we can truly solve most of the world's problems.

stay in touch

much more to come.

the svatina fund will be hosting fundraisers, launching exclusive svatina products, and sharing ways you can help fight human exploitation. stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter below or watching this space.